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On our next day in Auckland we decided to walk into downtown and find the harbor and just explore in general. Long story short, we went into the most not hopping part of town on accident and we were really confused for a lot of the day. And exhausted from wandering up and down hills. We eventually found some cool stuff!

Warning: Sorry for the low res photos. I messed up a setting on my camera and didn’t know it. Also, I will probably overuse the words beautiful and green in all of the posts about New Zealand. Despite the cold winter temperatures, this country seems to be bright and cheery. Much like my husband actually. 

Remember when I mentioned the art everywhere? Really there is so much! This cool cat was a fave.


Super pretty stuff yes, but at this moment what you can’t tell is we have been walking downhill for ages and we were just realizing we would have to go back up pushing Leona in the stroller. Brutal.


Both in Australia and New Zealand, we have been seeing amazing restored cars. I particularly loved this one. And the christmas ornaments up in the back really made the photo!


Every front yard was a things of beauty. The porches were gorgeous and people really made good use of their sloping terrain. Winter in Texas is definitely not this green and luscious. Look at those flowers!

You can see the sky tower peeking out from almost every point of the city. It is such a pretty building.


A pretty underpass haha. There really is beauty everywhere if you’re actually looking.


We finally made it into the CBD! Though sometimes I consider myself a girl who loves the country, I definitely have a surge of energy when I am surrounded by tall buildings and activity.  This was no exception.


We were really confused when we saw this Denny’s. And a Carl’s Jr. And a Wendy’s. Never expected to see those super southern things in New Zealand!


And then we finally made it to water! Definitely touristy here but the views of the outer islands from here were beautiful. Later in the week we took the ferry from here and it was such a gorgeous ride.



More cheeseball we’re in love and on vacation photos.


Wish we referenced penguins more at home. Right?




That moment when you finally find food. We were literally starving for hours and somehow just didn’t find anything to eat or if we did it was really touristy and pricey. So finding this cool food truck – esque area was awesome!




We settled on this place which was a healthy take on american burger food trucks. It was really delish. Will even at a meatball sub that was made with beetroot too! They just cut the dryness and apparently they were really good. Also, guac so Leona and I were over the moon about it. AND I love basil soda.



Ugh. Melt me. Look at them?! How did I get so lucky?


Easy task for Leona.


Truer words were never printed. If not the GP, at least the psychologist :)






Eventually we found a park and then our camera died. Haha I have some more pics from the day from the phone that I need to upload too but this basically sums up the part of the day when the sun was still shining and there weren’t any meltdowns. Afterwards we found the super hip part of town with vintages shops and local artists and had some New York style pizza but overall in all honesty this day was exhausting haha Traveling with a toddler with no maps in a completely foreign place you didn’t research enough definitely has it’s challenges!



Stay tuned for the next installment of our adventure! We miss y’all!



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