Toddler Chats // 2

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Leona: Cookie? Ok. Mama. Cookie? Right? Ok? Yes!


Me: Time to change you your diaper, you stink!

Leona: Change my nappy! You stink!


She now makes up songs, it’s the best.

Leona: Stompasaurus. Stompasaurus. CHOMP. CHOMP. CHOMP!!!!


Her version of her favorite Brett Dennen song, Wild Child.

Leona: Oh! I! Ho meeeeee tiiiiiiighhhhh mama. Wanna!


Because she is totally picking up on Aussie slang…

Aunty Bianca: Daniel is coming Leona!

Leona: Ice cream!!!

Bianca: What is Daniel Leona?

Leona:  Shilly Shaushage. (Silly Sausage is a common thing to call someone here haha)


Mama: What’s your favorite color?

Leona: Huh?

Mama: What color do you like the most?

Leona: Huh?

Mama: Ok, which color do you like at all?

Leona: Ummmmmm. Some colors.

Basically how she answers all questions. Ha.


Dad: (heading out the door) Bye leona, I love you!

Leona: See ya next time! SEE YA NEXT TIME!  I WUH U!


Upon exiting the airplane and feeling the cold Melbourne air after being in New Zealand.

Mama: Oh dang!

Leoan: Oh S***!

Mama needs to watch her language maybe…

What are the toddlers in your life saying these days?




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