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I feel like I have photos upon photos of adventures we are having in Australia that are just piling up begging to be shared. I want to remember each detail of the days so clearly that it almost becomes daunting to even start to remember. Sometimes it also feels that way about doing “big” exciting things and you just need to take a break.

So this post is about that, taking a break. You can slow down and still make memories. In fact, I think that some of the best ones are from the moments where you think you aren’t doing much of anything. For example this past Saturday we were tired. Fully exhausted. We didn’t even want to eat somewhere new in the city because deciding on a new place felt to be too much effort. So we settled on eating a place we know we like and has lots of locations around the city so at least there would be a change of scenery.  On the drive there Leona, of course, fell asleep in the car. We found a car park and decided to just sit there and wait and it just so happened to be in front of an oval where a local footy match was going on. So we watched. We had front row seats and good music and we didn’t talk about it, but I know we were both thinking the same thing. “How lucky are we?” A sleepy day where we couldn’t make any plans turned into something memorable with little effort on our part.

It didn’t stop there. After lunch we decided to drive just 5 min down the road and let Leona play on a playground by the beach in St.Kilda we had seen when driving by another day. What we didn’t know what that there was a beautiful jogging path just below and we had made it just in time for sunset. We grabbed Leona’s little soccer ball from the car and just walked up and down the path teaching her to kick the ball straight and feeling the breeze from the ocean, people watching, reading the neat stories written on the ceramic tiles about what took place here in the past. Even typing this, I feel at ease. It was one of the happiest events in my life, in a way I haven’t quite found the words to describe yet. Effortless bliss. Little girl giggles and running and holding hands and helpful soccer ball chasing strangers. Waving at puppies and cheering on the ocean.

Then, when it seemed it couldn’t get anymore blissful, we walked up this hill where others were going. We could tell there was a nice view of the skyline from there but we were in awe at just how gorgeous it was. Somehow our slow day had led us up to the top of this hill at the exact perfect time. It was the most magical lighting, truly like a magician had cast it. We felt like we had stepped into a painting. It wasn’t too cold or too windy, it was just right.

Saturday was a perfect day.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good Monday!

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