Have any big plans for this weekend? We actually don’t. It’s nice to look at a couple of days and know there is nowhere you absolutely have to be. We may drive the Great Ocean Road or maybe not because our little is teething so we might just find some good ice cream and maybe a museum or a new park. Lot’s of possibilities. Travelling in a new city for a long period of time is so wonderful. If it’s not on your bucket-list. Add it!

Here are some fun links from this week for you to peruse during your relaxing weekend.

The photo above is from a series by a Korean artist who illustrated what real love looks like.

How is awesome is this mattress by 4 Sleeps? We will be in the market for one when our trip is done! (Since you know, we sold everything we own and gave up our house and such. Ha!)

After looking for photos for my post about seeing Owen soon, I found a really neat photo sesh of the Kinsella’s!

We are in the process of figuring out our living situation and have had some very interesting conversations. Would you consider living with another family?

I saw this mineral powder sunscreen brush on A Cup of Jo today and want it so bad. So easy!

I really want to eat at Bad Frankie in Fitzroy this weekend. SO many jaffles. American friends and family, we are severely deprived by not having jaffles. Sealed edged toasted sandwiches so your toppings don’t fall all over the place. Heavenly morsels.

On a somber note. The harsh weather in Texas and in our hometowns is devastating. We have been watching this drone footage from abroad and brainstorming ways we can help!

Hope everyone stays safe and has a happy weekend!


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