The Tuesday 10 // V.2


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1. Today was a big run errands day and could have potentially turned into meltdowns all around, but guess what? We have been being attentive to our communication skills with each other and y’all, it REALLY makes a difference. I’m really proud of us because we have been sleep deprived and on the move so long, we could have just kept on bickering for days if we let it happen. But we love each other so, no deal.

2. Oddly, after we had a communication reevaluation we ended up watching Celeste and Jessie Forever. It really fit the theme of working out your communication skills and we didn’t even know it would. I highly recommend this movie! How we did not see it years ago is beyond me.


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 3. Tonight, Leona had a unicorn moment where she wanted me instead of her daddy to brush her teeth and put her to bed. She even told him “NO, I mommyyyy.” when he offered to lay her down. I felt a little bad for him, but it was a huge milestone for us as she usually will not go to sleep for me and you could tell she truly wanted to tonight. Motherwood win right there.

4. Rocky Road Cadbury. Oh. My. Gosh. Why don’t we have this in the states? Wait! I just found it on Amazon!

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5. We spent the past 7 days house-sitting for our cousin Bianca and her fiancé Daniel while they took of to Fiji to elope! How magical does that sound? Would you ever consider eloping? Every once in a while I think it would have been such a calm relaxed way to marry Will. Fun fact, on the day of our rehearsal in the midst of some heated family drama, we almost decided to call off the big wedding and elope instead! I couldn’t help but google some pretty fiji weddings too, look how romantic this one is!

6. Will and I just set out fitness goals and rewards based on our milestones. It’s the first time we have both really sat down and said enough is enough and put our intentions to paper. I’m excited to see what changes are ahead for us and how we manage it while still traveling.

7. Tomorrow Leona starts her first dance class. I’m a tad nervous since she is a wild thing and this is a “Mummy and Me” class that I am expected to participate in with her also. For the record, if she can dance, she did not get that skill from me… I think I dance like a monkey or something equally not graceful.

8. I just finished the book, Paper Towns, by John Green. It’s the first book I have actually been able to finish in ages. E-readers really do make reading more accessible! The book was good but I’m not sure how I feel about it being made into a movie, it was definitely not for the lighthearted at times and I can imagine it may be even worse on the big screen.

9.  This is also an great read and a showcase of what it means to actually put it all out there. Authenticity online means a lot to me. I think if we are going to grow and change as a society with all of this technology we need to stop living double lives.  ““I want to set a standard of living where our outsides match our insides.” -Jolie Ankrom

10. In the spirit of authenticity. I’ve watched this video quite a few times and cannot help but choke up with each viewing. Can you believe that technology is bringing everyone together even when they are so far away? Also, if we are being very honest, this month had HG awareness day and it just hit me that I  finally can think of being pregnant and not want to to cry, hide, or block it out. I honestly have moved past it enough now… to have a glimpse of dreaming of trying it again. There is too much beautiful in it that combats the sickness.

Another thing, facetiming across an ocean with your best’s 6 month old is enough to make your heart swell and then fall quickly and quite frankly I am honestly feeling all of the “Oh no, I am missing out on this.” feelings. Can we get in on the Samsung virtual reality? Or will someone go ahead and invent telelportation machines already?


This Tuesday 10 took a direction I wasn’t expecting, thanks for taking the time to read along! Hope you all have a really nice Tuesday, I miss everyone so much!


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