“Oh Owen, watch your mouth.”

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I’m not exactly sure how to phrase this, since I honestly think sometimes I don’t feel this way, its really a case by case basis. I like unexpected things. As in… good things happening unexpectedly or… quirky things I guess. I like surprise parties, weird food, random trips, and unique personalities. I really like music that makes me stop what I’m doing and really listen. I also like well used curse words, especially when you least expect them. That’s sort of how I fell in love with the music of Owen.

I remember I was 17, I had just graduated highschool a year early and I branched out (thank you myspace and Fat Cats)  and made some new friends. We would spend most nights driving around listening and sharing music with each other, going to Denny’s (gosh so Texas), seeing to random shows all over the city and sometimes even out of the city. We spent a lot of time hanging out in a music studio in a church and also outside of it, rambling about who knows what at this point. It was nice though. We usually stayed out until the sun started to peak over the suburban houses and it just felt so free. While I feel lucky to have had this experience and for the amazing people I got to know, I can’t help but thank my lucky stars for all of the great music I learned about then.

One band specifically has stuck with me for now over a decade since they first played it and I crept closer to the speaker and just sank into it.  Owen. The perfect blend of melody and melancholy and eerie builds with half love stories and tales of youthful woes and bikes and bars, and I could go on and on.  But what really sparked me while listening to this beautiful acoustic music, is the loveliest string of curse words that played through the speakers, and surprised me in the best way. I’ll never forget my friend saying, “Oh Owen, watch your mouth.” and just feeling happy.  I love how well written the lyrics are and yet thankfully unpretentious at the same time. They are real. Everything about Owen’s music and story seems real, even the fact that his name is really Mike Kinsella. Because really, that’s what we are all doing in some way.

He is touring in Australia this summer, we just purchased our tickets to see him play at the Northcote Social Club on July 9th. It will be my 3rd time to see Owen play and I can’t help but feel like I’ve grown up alongside him. Not in a creepy way but in a wow, we all have children now and I saw him play for the first time by pulling a boyfriend along on an 4 hour road trip to San Antonio to drive back that same night and then again in Houston 3 years later when I was finishing college.  And now, after what has felt like most life altering years yet, I will see Owen play in Melbourne, Australia. The other side of the world from where I first heard him. How brilliantly unexpected?

I will sing along and remember my nights spent listening in the hot Sugar Land summer and then sing along and remember now, because his music and lyrics have grown up as well.

“Well sometimes,
Like every time she breathes,
I embrace my routine.”

I highly suggest you indulge in every Owen album, from the beginning. They do not disappoint. Is there any music that you feel you have grown up with?


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