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Despite that “Oh my gosh mom, please not another photo.” face Leona is making, we actually had one of the best weekends ever. Three days of too much fun.  A date night in Chinatown, hours exploring the Melbourne city zoo, a night out for an aussies hen’s night,  daddy daughter date to the playground on the beach, a big day of exploring the Enchanted Adventure garden, (hedge mazes, tube slides, zip lines and more!), and then we found a mexican restaurant that actually tasted like mexican food. EPIC. It really was. Now everyone is exhausted, Will is sick and I’m sure we’re next but we just feel so happy. I have an exorbitant amount of photos from the weekend to edit and I can’t wait to share them but I just couldn’t wait to tell shout it out to the internet rooftops what a beautiful weekend we had. This trip is changing us in ways I don’t quite know how to describe yet and we couldn’t be happier about.

Do you ever have weekends that just make you want to scream with happiness? What is your idea of the perfect weekend?


P.S. Here is basically the cutest video on the planet of Leona singing “Row row boat down the street. Meow meow meow. Life’s dream.”


Row Your Boat Down the Street from chelsea Stanley on Vimeo.

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