Pray 4 Trax // A Documentary

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hashtagtraxOne of the very first blogs I started following, years and years ago now, was Kassi Bacquet’s. Her warm and honest writing style and tales about life as big family in California drew me in instantly. At one point the blog posts slowed down. This was around the time instagram hit the scene and somehow (I used to be very instagram illiterate!) I managed to find her account through a mutual friend. Her photos are beautiful and her story even more-so. Social media is a funny thing, it really makes you feel as though you know someone. We have never met in person, and maybe have spoken a few sentences via comments, but,I can tell you this: Kassi, is a wonderful person. She and her family and the work they do for others, even when they themselves are struggling, speaks volumes. Though we don’t know each other face-to-face, I feel grateful to know her at least in this abstract way. Inspiring to say the least.

She documented her entire twin pregnancy on instagram and I can honestly remember the day she posted that one of the twins, just shortly after birth, was in the hospital for failure to thrive. My heart sank and I honestly cried for them in that moment. Trax, their sweet newborn son, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He is now a beautiful bouncing strong 2 year old, who goes through more everyday than many adults could handle. This family is so strong and I’m so happy and amazed daily by the way the online community has pulled together to contribute. This short documentary on them was just released and it is painfully and joyfully beautiful. So watch this, hold the ones you love, hug your babies tight, give freely, find the silver lining, enjoy each easy breath, and please… please, #pray4trax.

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