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Today I stopped the swirling in my mind over how long a grad school application would take to complete and how long it will take to update my resume after years out of working for a company and how will I get the courage to write an honest statement of purpose. Y’all, I have been the queen of negative self-talk about all of this. Honestly, something I work on daily is positive talk because I totally have already proven I’m great at talking negative. This could be a post about more than grad school and careers and going for your goals but for today, since it’s just Tuesday afterall, let’s keep it simple. Fill your time with what makes you happy and what moves you forward, even if it is slow. The time will pass anyway. I’m going for it. For all of it.

How about you? Anything you keep putting off because of the time it will take to complete?


*Thank you to the Being Boss gals for reminding me of the brilliant quote. Your podcasts are amazing!

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