The Tuesday Ten V.1


I’m a list maker. To do lists, budgets, shopping, dreams, gratitude, fears, favorite things, all of the things, I love them. So without further ado, here is my new favorite recurring blog post…

1. Leona is officially writing and singing original songs. Well not so much writing, and more-so screaming. Her latest has lyrics such as “Herrrre it comes! Wish I (long drawn out I)…. Wish I…. I’m not sure!”

2. Will surprised me with a Kobo Glo HD for Mother’s Day after seeing me struggle to keep up with books and finish any of them while toddler chasing. I mentioned a Kindle would be cool and he did his research and found something even better! I am almost halfway through Paper Towns and it’s only been 2 days with my Kobo. It’s really good!

3. We are doing a small get fit challenge between the two of us. I bought a really basic scale from Target last week and finally stepped on to see the damage. I felt like I had gained at least 10 lbs. but turns out I am actually down almost 2lbs!

4. Despite what I said above about feeling I have gained weight, I have actually been working out quite a bit here. I found a local yoga studio, Moksha Yoga, and am doing Daily Burn workouts with Leona. When traveling, I highly suggest taking some local yoga or fitness classes, it is such a neat way to experience the city and do something truly local that you can remember fondly when you do your workouts in your hometown. It’s great for quelling homesickness as well.

5. Today was a hard day mentally. OCD has me ruminating on some fears and the past and I found this quote while browsing pinterest today that felt perfect.


6. I re-entered the land of twitter this week! Expect a lot of random awkward things from me with bad punctuation.

7. On Wednesday, Leona and I are going to explore the South Melbourne Market. I know the vision in my mind is really cute, but I also know there will be at least 2 meltdowns. Thankfully mom memory is good at filtering that out.

8. This week I am going to try my hand at knitting again. There is a big grand opening sale at the craft store near us. Plus I want to do the knitting workshop circle in a bar deal they have all over Melbourne. So maybe someday there will be a #wellniceknits and I will actually finish a whole project! This is the one I want to try first.

9.  Doing workout videos with your toddler inevitably leads to your toddler doing workout moves in other places. Like restaurant booths. Also, doing workout videos while staying at someone’s house is scary, sometimes they come home and you worry how much of you flailing around they saw.

10. I’m really happy to be blogging. When I sat down to write out this list I was feeling pretty anxious and now I am feeling grateful and excited about the week.

I hope your week is off to a great start!



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