Fleeting Moments

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Sometimes in the ebb and flow of parenting we get these little glimpses of peace. There are moments where the river of tasks and noise and advice and tears and even laughter, seem to stand still. Try as you might to continue with your list, you know in your heart to stop and soak in this unexpected breeze. I had one of those moments today. You see, my little (big) girl does not fall asleep peacefully with me. If it is just her dad, she will curl up and snuggle and close her eyes, but for me she is always, always, begging for milk. Nursing into toddlerhood, although recommended, is not for the fainthearted. “Meeeeeelk mama, meeeelk!” she says as she not so gently stretches out whatever “protective” garment I have on in hopes of staving off the milk demands. Well, today she fell asleep on me without protest.  I had even nursed her earlier which typically signals to her the buffet is open (pardon the crass) but today I laid down and she honestly crawled half on top of me, laid her head on my chest, and fell asleep. I felt like a lottery winner. The list of tasks for work and chores and planning slowly faded beyond the background. I knew this was one of those fleeting moments to savor. So I took a deep breath of sweet smell, allowed my heavy eyes to close, and drifted into one of the coziest and peaceful sleeps I have had in what feels like years. The hours are long and the days are short, but with the right state of mind, you can savor a moment for long past it’s time.

Hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day :)

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