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Hope you all have lovely plans for this Mother’s Day weekend. I have been reflecting a lot about myself as a mother recently and found myself in some pretty deep conversations with my husband about my findings. I realize I have been beating myself up after seeing some “perfect moms” via social media and what not. Now, I know that our instagrams, tweets, and blogs are just a curated glimpses of what our life is really like. But, it also shows just that, part of our life. We should always be reflecting and improving and finding out what it means to be our best selves and I think its good that being able to see parts of how others mother is really a really amazing tool modern day moms have. All in all, I realize I got a little carried away and judged myself too hard. Everyone is different. Enjoy being you! My daughter is lucky to have me as mom, because we are uniquely made for each other. With that said, I am making a little Mother’s Day Resolution. As she gets older and misbehaves in ways that she will probably injure herself (so many heart attacks in one day!) I have found my tone getting harsher and less patient and downright scary when I look back on it. I plan to work on warmly guiding/teaching/punishing. Its easy to let the fear take over and react fast but I feel like its my job as her mom to learn how to help with as much kindness as possible. Wish me luck! Leona is fearless. She will put herself in timeout and laugh. I’ve got a wild one on my hands. Looking forward to spending the weekend with my wild one though and her handsome dad. Do you have any “Mother’s Day Resolutions”? (I totally made it up, so no pressure!) How do you celebrate Mother’s day? Family time? Alone time? I always feel a little guilty when I want alone time so there is MDR #2, take break! It’s ok!

Here is some fun stuff I found around the web this week when taking a breather after bedtime :)

This constellation quilt by Haptic Lab.

5 yummy ways to eat vegetables for breakfast.

Real love illustrated. (definitely worth a peek!)

Little Lotus, helping tiny babies around the globe.

How to take a 6 month sabbatical in Paris. Thinking this may need to be our next 6 month adventure!

25 Famous Women on Their Mothers

Fancy crying rooms for women in a Japanese hotel. I actually think it’s genius.

Fox cancelled The Mindy Project and the internet is angry. ME FREAKIN TOO.

A Beautiful Blur, lovely article on new motherhood.


Mama Chels

P.S. Mom I love you. Thanks for always being you and teaching me to enjoy life as it is. You’re wonderful.



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