Leona’s 2nd Birthday Party, in Australia!

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This year, Will and I decided to spend Leona’s actual birthday just the three of us. We took her to Collingwood Children’s Farm and it was so epic! BUT, that’s not what this post is about. Our cousin Bianca graciously opened up her home for us to have a proper 2 year old little lady birthday party. She totally outdid herself as well and helped with so much decor and food and some really neat keepsakes as decor from the company she works for, Toshi. The pink and gold ice cream themed party was a smash success. Although, bubbles pretty much stole the show by the time we were done decorating. Leona loves bubbles!

We made a lot of the decor ourselves, but we also picked up some really fun things from the $2 shops and from my favorite store, Lark! I also got very lucky and found all of the pieces for her outfit (less the tights) at H&M. We went to an amazing fancy one in downtown Melbourne, the whole place is basically marble. Leona was completely in love with her sparkly gold crown, didn’t want to take it off for a moment. It felt like one of those moments of, “Where did my baby go? She wants to wear what I put on her head?”. I love getting birthday outfits like this instead of just one fancy dress so she can wear all of the pieces separately after the party too. She can wear this pink cardigan with gold sequins with everything!


She was pretty much on a sugar high through the gift opening. Felt a little bad at first because she just wanted to sit down and play with everything immediately. Two years old and patience are rarely in the same sentence.




Agh! That face. I swear sometimes I think I could really take a little nibble. She is so damn cute.


Everyone pitched in and made AMAZING desserts. And in the back corner there you can see the triangles, those are fairy bread. I should dedicate a whole blog post to cute aussie desserts. Those cookies are called yo yo’s even! Kate completely outdid herself with those and the vanilla slice and mini cheesecakes and rice bubbles. So much good.




“Batoons!” Best $20 any parent can spend for a toddler birthday party. Hands down. And bubbles!


Though at first there weren’t many kids at the party, Leona had no shortage of willing playmates!






We typically have a hard time taking serious photos, 3rd try is the charm though!


Again, best dad ever. Strawberry milk, a tiara, and a pink balloon. We love this guy.














I will say it over and over and over. Always have bubbles on hand. Instant joy. She can actually blow quite a few on her own now. Minus the constant spilling of soap, it is a relatively clean activity that we do for hours!




Thank you ladies so much for all of your help! And for indulging me in the barrage of photos. XOXO.


Leona loves her “ninacka”. Bianca is going to be a supermom someday. She has the creativity but also the patience and organizational skills of a saint. We are having so much fun with her and I’m already plotting plans of how I can just bring her back with me. Want to join our travelling circus Bianca?










I really don’t think I could love her more.



IMG_0037 GET A BUBBLE GUN. RUN. Really, they make a SEA of bubbles. I can’t even type how much I think this should be in every diaper bag ever. Ever.





Funny story. Leona is completely terrified of the happy birthday song. She basically tucked and rolled while screaming to get away from it this time. And then booked it down the hall at a 70th birthday party the night before. This photo is of the redo of blowing out the candles when she wasn’t so sad.


Enjoying her birthday icecream in front of a bar cart. Haha parents of the year here! No worries, Sandra let her know she’s got about 20 years to go (well 17 here) until she can bust into that.  Can I just keep her small and innocent forever! Please?












These sweet little ones are all siblings! They belong to Kylie, who does Kalasthenics with Bianca, and we adored them so much! Leona was so happy to have some sweet little friends to play with, we hope to see a lot more of them while we are here.




Completely tuckered out with one shoe off watching the video of herself crying at the happy birthday song.







This is Babe! She is our Great Aunt. Will’s grandmother was Babe’s sister in law :) We love her so much! She knitted the most beautiful jumper and hat for Leona’s birthday.


Sausage rolls, quiches and empanadas. We really went all out on treats for the party. Love aussie celebrations!

IMG_9836It was a long day, really long, and filled with happiness from the top to the bottom. So happy that we will always have the memory of celebrating her 2nd birthday here and that Leona will get to look back on these photos of herself with her family who lives on the other side of the planet. We are so lucky!

Happy Birthday again sweetheart! Your mom and dad are tired; but, you fill us up with so much love we feel like we are on top of the world :)


    • lindsey
    • May 13, 2015

    I love that photo of her smiling and chasing down a bubble! It captures the moment so perfectly, I’m sure of it:D

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