Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Mom read at your own risk!)

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Since becoming a mother myself, the relationship between my own mother and I has changed dramatically. We were more like sisters for most of my life as she had me when she was 19 and I truly believe I owe here years of gratitude now. I wish I could afford to shower her with gifts and so much of my time every day of the year. I’m so grateful she taught me the value celebration and gift giving and what those things truly mean beyond the material things. With that said, she also  explained why material things actually are meaningful.  When you take the time to know someone and hear their needs and wants, a simple gift will speak volumes for how well you have truly have listened and devoted yourself to truly knowing someone. So here are few things that I have heard are desired from lots of good conversations with many lovely moms I know. Something from this will strike the fancy of moms from all walks. I’m sure of it. mothersdaygiftguide


1. I have been coveting a mama ring since before Leona was even born. A couple of my favorite gals craft this one themselves! Fancy right? I wanted a dainty one at first but I think I could also really defend myself with this one. Mama’s need that, we usually only have one hand!

2. In addition to the lovely letter you will write her, this book will be nice to keep out and read through when she’s missing you and you haven’t called in days. Also, call your mom more she misses you.

3. I recently learned that not all moms want dainty jewelry with initials and tiny stones, my mother loves a statement piece.

4. The woman has worked hard to raise you, she deserves a fancy cocktail anytime she wants one. Stock her bar from  Napa Valley Distillery. My mom and I did a tasting there in March. This lemon cocktail in a bottle cannot be beat.

5. The perfect purse and wallet combo for moms of all ages. The bright color will be so fun for a summer beach day!

6. Every foodie mom will love this from Mouth Indie Foods. A surprise visit with some bubbly and cheese would go the extra mile here too. Again, your mom misses you!

7. Gold headphones so she can stylishly listen to Helen Reddy and bask in her awesome womanliness and motherhood triumphs. Or just catch up on her favorite podcast while enjoying that delish cheese plate above.

8. Bold earrings  that she probably would not buy herself.

9. These pretty metallic nail wraps are such a beauty treat and subtle enough for her to wear everyday.

10. Comedic relief. For new moms and and for veteran moms, this book is hilarious.

Have you found any unique gifts for mother’s day?

Also, how amazing is this floral delivery service? Finally someone is delivering flowers with heart.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone :)

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    Love these picks! These are actual things I could see my mom wanting to receive. Thanks for keeping it real versus some of the other lists I’ve seen floating around the interwebs.
    My mom had a ring with her name just like number 1 in her jewelry box I found one day from the 80s. I’m sure she’d get a kick out of receiving one of those!

    Christine |

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      Thanks! I tried to find a wide range of things for sure and affordable. I wish I could buy my mom diamonds this year but that not in the cards yet. Someday! We livtyd in the same city as the bueno bueno girls who make the mama ring, they make a lot of neat unique things, definitely check em out :)

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