Toddler Chats // 1

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Me: How old are you Leona?
Leona: Too old! ( She doesn’t quite get the importance of the word “years” yet.)

(While trying to put Leona down for a nap.)
Will: Ok, lay down and go night night.
Leona: One… Two… buckle shoe! Three… Four… Door!

(Upon our cousins arrival home from work. He really is a decent gent.)
Me: Say hi to Shane!
Leona: Hi Shame! Yay Shame!

(Every morning. EVERY MORNING. Her aunt Sandra, Chocolate, and a pup named Banchee are way more enticing than morning cuddles.)
Leona: Sip up Mama! Sip up!
Me: Just a few more minutes noeners ok? Want to cuddle more?
Leona: No mama! Chocowett! See Sandy! See beechee! Chocowett!

I could go on and on, she is just spouting off hilarious things on the regular now. So excited to make this a regular feature on the blog. What funny things are your kids saying?

Happy Monday!IMG_9608

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