A personal tour of the Sanders Orchard

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Ok can I just start with a “HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE!”, well, apples in this case *winky face* We are so damn lucky with the people we have in our lives. Our cousin Shane’s girlfriend, Kate, an absolute gem of a gal, just so happens to be the princess of an orchard heaven. Ha!  Seriously though. Her family owns a beautiful orchard in the Yarra Valley and we were lucky enough to have a private tour by her father.


We all had first dibs on some fresh apples and THEN we also were set free into the orchard to pick our own. They were so delicious. SO delicious.

IMG_9802Leona was just amazed the whole time. At one point she was running and picking up as many apple that had fallen from the trees on the ground. She couldn’t even see forward she had so many apples in her arms. I reckon she ate about 6 or 7 apples there.

_MG_9822I think this is one of my fave most awkward photos of all time. Leona’s face. Shane beaming with pride. Will cheesin. And then me of course. Being a weirdo. Haha who am I? Why do my hands look like they are preparing for fight? Does Leona see something crazy ahead?

IMG_9714This place is every child’s heaven. It was so breezy and Alice in Wonderland like. I was waiting every moment to stumble upon a tea party and chess game. Funny actually, I describe Australia FREQUENTLY as being like Alice in Wonderland or Whooville or something.








Mr. Sanders is truly passionate about he does. It was so inspiring. I will never look at an apple the same :) The work is hard, very hard. Long hours, and it seems like it never ends. And the science! It is amazing how technical growing apples is. Y’all we all need to give thanks to these people who truly care about or food and the quality of it.


Also, you would be surprised about how stink easy apples come off the tree. I thought we would have to pull pretty hard, but that actually makes it harder! You just hold on at the top near the apple stem and bend and it basically falls off into your hands. Leona LOVED this. This day felt like a parenting win. Truly. Take your toddlers to an apple orchard. Not strawberries, those are too messy.


These are the men learning how to “open” an apple. Might I add that my handsome gentleman successfully did this twice (since coming home it has been a little bit more difficult. You’re still a man babe. Man crush monday and all that jazz.


Orchard shenanigans. Good gosh I love Bianca haha I have some other pretty great photos to post too, very pretty ones. Right Bianca?


I just feel like I want to live in this photo with Leona so tiny and content forever. I’m serious y’all, take your children to an orchard.

IMG_9738 IMG_9750 IMG_9756 IMG_9759 IMG_9762

One of my favorite parts of being there was the distinct difference in foliage. In the background behind all of the apple trees was such a beautiful typical Australian hillside backdrop. Honestly the trees here are so unique and quite frequently Will and I find ourselves feeling like we are in a scene of Jurassic Park and at any moment a dinosaur is going to pop out.

IMG_9766 IMG_9769

To be honest, I was so impressed that everything was done on site. I wasn’t expecting it. They plant, grow, harvest, sort, clean, package and distribute to everyone from grocery stores to hard cider companies to pig farms. This lovely lady here was sorting the official not perfect apples from the batch before sending the rest into the face machine that has a computer that sorts by shape, color, size, or you name it for whatever is in demand.

IMG_9774 IMG_9777

KATE! We love us some Kate :)IMG_9790_MG_9826

At the end of the day we headed to the Sanders’ family home and enjoyed some homemade treats and wine from Mrs. Sanders. It was lovely and magical and we should have taken more pictures at their beautiful home. We cannot wait to go back! They have opened up their home to us again to come stay for a bit soon and we are so excited.  All in all. It was just such a good day. I love when things like this just come up, we never planned on this before coming here and we fell so lucky that we were invited to see it.
Lots of aussie love to you all!
Mama Chels

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