Leona is back in the motherland.

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It may seem crass but let’s be real. We brought a hitchhiker home from our last stint in Australia. We figured it was about time she returned to her homeland and we are having the best time. Even me, haha I can be a bit crotchety so Im happy that that is starting to lift quite a bit.

So the rundown, we are all excited obviously. We are also very lucky that we have family here and they are housing us!  We have rented out our place in Comfort and feel realllly good about it. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you really need the change until it happens. While living in Comfort brought us so many magical memories, it also opened up a lot of dark doors for me and triggered my OCD so deep that it shook the core of our family. At one point I even had Will convinced we were doomed, obviously I was wrong and we are fine, but it did open our eyes a bit and bring us to reevaluate our current plan. A lot of things just weren’t adding up for us yet there and we felt we maybe had skipped ahead into something that is meant for us to have later.  A small example of it is that I am an ENFP (lord help me I have taken that test so many times over the years and always get that result, so I’ve accepted it as fact.) and I thrive in social situations. Really, I have some introvert tendencies here and there but I need to be able to hop out in a flash and join the party. This is basically impossible living out in the country with a toddler. Scratch that, almost unfathomable especially when you barely know anyone around and everything closes at 5 and your husband works 70 hours plus a week and you yourself have a mound of work piling up. Like I said, I think we skipped ahead. We had little things happening here and there that just seem like God, The Universe, or whatever higher power you believe was just whispering to us, “Go. You’re not ready for this yet.”, so here we are, in Melbourne, Australia following our dreams. Showing Leona the world and connecting her to some very amazing family. From here we have some more big plans up our sleeve (I’m getting more education! Woohoo!) and we hope to never fight against our urge to travel and do things that seem impossible again. We dream of living half of the year here and half of the back in the states. May seem unrealistic but it feels like the right thing for us. That may change, because all things do.

Happy to be on this path with my family and living an adventure,


    • Lindsey M
    • April 19, 2015

    I love this catch up post!! :D so happy you are doing what feels right!

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