Slide, Smile, Repeat

February 26, 2015 , In: babies, Baby, Farm House, Gratitude, Leona, Live, Photography , With: One Comment

slidingup hay windhair colacar Today Leona and I spent a day at the park and wildlife preserve after this gloomy week surprised us with 4 hours of blue skies and enough sunshine to cut the chill on our skin a bit. We were both like puppies you let out first in the morning running around that park. I couldn’t remember what I had been in such a funk about because it turns out, it was just that we had been inside for too long. Cleaning and re-cleaning kids toys and laundry and knowing you can’t just pop outside because of the misty cold will really put a sour face on the whole shebang.  Today I decided to not be the mom just watching and helping, I truly played. I am quite the shy gal as some may not know, but slowly but surely this 27lb bundle of love (and energy) is cracking that shy shell and showing me again how fun it is to run and jump and laugh as loud as you want and shout when you’re happy.  These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago, on another day like today, and I realized it isn’t fair to keep these happy photos to myself any longer :) Love the light in her hair and our field in the background. Hope you are all having a beautiful week, Leona and I are about to do some cardio burn workout in the bedroom while Will is in a meeting. Its gloomy outside again, but we still have the urge to keep moving and I don’t want to lose that momentum!

Toddler moms, what do you do on gloomy days when you have to stay inside?
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    • lindsey
    • March 1, 2015

    I love this post! Being house bound during cold months is the hardest!! This is the time for lots of reading and magnets! keeps them busy while you get things done! These pictures are so sweet and I know you’ll cherish them when you end up wherever you end up long after Comfort :)

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