Happy Weekend!

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DSC_0497This weekend we are lucky enough to have my husband’s parents come out to the farm and help watch Leona so we can work on some house projects and even sneak out on a little Valentine’s Date. We are thinking of just keeping it low key and going to see a movie, anyone have some must see suggestions?
We feel like time is flying by this week and that some of the debacles of 2014 are trying to rear their head in 2015, but we’re pushing onward and trying to stay as positive as possible. Can’t have the oh so sweet without the sour, right?
Here are some things around the web the perked me up this week, or at least peeked my interest when the sniffles and sore throat were trying to lead me to the darkside :)

Do you love flowers? Check out this good tip for buying them.

I am always on the hunt for new small workspace ideas, these are really gorgeous!

I go back to this post over and over, especially this week when we made the hard decision to take Leona out of school until we leave the country? Work at home mama’s this is a must read by Joy Cho.

Printable vintage valentines, because…yes.

And one more last minute roundup of some easy diy and printable Valentines!

I can’t read enough of The Daybook blog. It’s not everyday you find someones writing that is so geniune, the good and the bad all rolled into one pretty package. Because it is all pretty when you look back, right?

I’m also going to attempt Alison’s Cookie Party cookies again this week, as long as I kick this cold! (Because they are drool worthy and sick drooling on cookies is not a very good gift)

Did you find anything lovely around the web this week? Please share in the comments, I love good new finds.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Weekend,
Mama Chels

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