“It’s a new year and I’m glad to be here.”

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First, for all of my lovelies that spent hours upon hours upsetting the neighbors with us, do you remember this anthem we chanted all night?

I don’t know how to describe last year or how to describe the real feeling of it being over because it all seems cheesy but this year I don’t give a flipping expletive.

I feel like last year sucker punched a bunch, anyone else? Now while there is no such thing as perfect I have this overwhelming sense of, holy crap, lets fix this stuff ok?

I’m taking all of the awesome things that did happen last year and building empires out of them. Done and done. Except for the other night when I diagnosed myself with Lyme disease for various reasons and then decided that the OCD I’ve had most of my ife must be from that and not vice versa. You know why I’m saying this here? Because thats what this year is, being real. I also had the best pizza today, my daughter started a toddler school, my business is growing and I’m madly in love my hunk of a husband and this crazy life with even crazier awesome friends and fam we have in it. Because that’s real talk. As the first week of the new year ends I realize I’m a melting pot of emotion. This pot is turning into some mad awesome soup alright? (In 2014 a good friend, Jessica, showed me that soup is awesome.) Embrace the soupiness of 2015 ok? Eat it instead of letting it spill and enjoy my painful metaphors all year because I’m just going to throw them up all over this blog.

A Chels who finally committed to really being well and nice and feeling all of the feelings.

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