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IMG_6062I’m listening to: The new Vance Joy and Glen Hansard. Specifically the song by Vance Joy “Best That I Can” on repeat. Feels right to how I’m feeling these days. I heard it on Parenthood last week and got goosebumps.


I’m reading: The same things…Gifts of Imperfection and some others, really want to finish them but accepting that this season may not be my season of reading. I’m daydreaming of book club fun and reading outside on the front porch by the fire.

I’m eating: Healthy. Well trying to… Weighed myself last week and realized things have gotten totally out of control! Oh no! Haha I’m not necessarily an obsessed with the number on the scale gal but I was prompted to weigh myself after my pants just really weren’t right and way too tight, and these are my “eat whatever I want pants”. Ha! I’m ready to feel good again so here we go again. Anyone have any quick easy healthy meals for a work at home mama?

I’m loving: That it is finally cold here in Comfort! We just inherited a woodburning stove from my great great grandmothers house that my grandfather rents out on the farm. He decided it was probably a bad idea to have it in the house with renters, super fire hazard, so it’s on our front porch now and it’s brilliant!

I’m dreaming: About the holidays. I can’t wait to decorate and cook and go shopping for everyone I love and spend time with family. I’m just so excited. My little lady is going to wake up in her own house for Christmas morning this year too! As a child, I never had Christmas in my own house except maybe one time. We were always traveling to family’s homes, so this is a big dream of mine to come true!

I’m thinking about: Too many things. I’ve been struggling a lot keeping level and not letting the dark side of OCD (because I am trying see the bright side of it) take over. I’m getting tired of thinking woe is me about a situation that has really been putting Will and I in tough spot and trying to really embrace the “Let go and let God” mentality. So really, I’m thinking about what it means to give worries over to God and all that goes with that. I’m still processing even as I type this… didn’t realize that was what I was primarily thinking about even, but it is.

I’m watching: Right this moment, Portlandia. Mindy and New Girl seem to be on hiatus and this week is a week where we all just need some funny, so Portlandia, I thank you.

What are you up to?


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