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It’s no secret that this home is one filled with people who like to create. Both Will and myself seem to try our hand at every type of creative activity we can both for fun, for function, and professionally. In fact, most of the projects in this home renovation are ones we are doing ourselves. Even some of the mundane things, like repainting all of the doors white, still fulfill our need to make since our days do not have has much spare time for other creative endeavors.

toddler_art_5 What’s really fun is that we are seeing Leona start to love creating too! She will make a picture out of any substance you give her (colors, paint, markers, spaghetti sauce, water, milk, etc…) and she pretends when she doesn’t have anything to use too.toddler_art_4   I am at a parenting crossroads right now on how to approach this new phase, I want her to be able to be able to find her own creative passion without too much direction from me. You know the story, mom wants to be a dancer so makes her little girl take dance lessons , little girl hates it but does it anyways, and then mom is way uncool and makes her keep doing it. I don’t want to make art not fun by making her do that. I honestly don’t know how that’s possible but it could be and it’s one of those parenting fears I trying to get over. toddler_art_3 With that said, I have been becoming more and more interested in starting to do a little toddler schooling for a bit each day.  It won’t be overly structured yet, just a little time each afternoon working more intensely on colors and letters and hopefully a wide range of activities I have yet to even discover. The goal being to make each learning activity creative.  Have any of you with toddlers tried this? Did you find something that worked well for you? toddler_art_2 Also Love Joleen is owning tot school. I’ve been following her instagram and blog for a while and she’s really motivating to get going on it.
Check out all of the neat things she’s doing!IMG_5387




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