Leona gets a big girl room!

October 22, 2014 , In: Baby, Farm House, Gift Guide, Home Decor, Leona, Nursery , With: No Comments

Its official, our little miss is talking, walking, playing, and eating up a storm. It’s becoming more and more clear everyday that she is growing out of the baby phase and into the little girl phase. While a big part of me wants to dwell in the sad ending of the sweet baby stage, I’m choosing to focus on something fun about it. Shopping! Right? We’ve just moved into this house where she finally has a space of her own and I’m on the hunt the for perfect look for her more “mature” room and some fun new interactive toys. Leona has given her baby toys a lot of use but it’s definitely time to start upgrading :)

Here is a the inspiration board I have been working on for decor. It went in a totally different direction and color scheme than I ever thought I would use for a little girls room and, it even incorporates pink which was on my never ever list when I was pregnant. Anyone laugh at themselves when the think of those things?


1. Gold Scallop Pillow /2. Fuchsia Nightstand /3. Lovestruck Floor Bin /4. Magic Pillow /5. Baby Letto Toddler Bed /6. Brightlab Lights /7. Dream Pillow Case /8. Gold Map Print / 9. House Inhabit Teepee / 10. Honeycomb Shelves /
11. Land of Nod Heart Quilt /12. Miffy Bunny Nightlight

Happy Decorating Y’all!

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