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leona_gardener_sept14I’m sure you know the sound advice to stay in the present and all that jazzy good stuff. Well, typically my way of doing it is to run through my little mental list of things happening, what Leona’s saying, books I’m reading, things I want to cook or make, what music I want to listen, what Will’s into and sweet things he’s said, dreams, projects and more projects, you know the rundown of what it is to be Chelsea. Everyone does this right?

I always tell myself I should write it down, some things I’m really good at putting into my Evernote or a planner but a large majority of the things that I simply take note of mentally as happening in the present I take for granted that I will remember. Hoping it will help me to take note of things that I’m not being grateful during the busy days of this season of life. So, I’m joining the ranks of bloggers (specifically inspired by Danielle) who have a series about the simple things that are currently happening in their lives. I’m really excited, it kind of feels like homework. And I am in a small group of individuals who really likes note-taking and homework. I wish I could color code each item on this list but I won’t do that to y’all.

Without further ado…What’s happening with Chels:

I’m listening to: The new Minus the Bear and Damien Rice. Yes to all. So happy for some new music from both. Both bands waited some time to release new music and it left a lot of time to anticipate and thankfully neither have disappointed. It’s always a bummer when that happens.

I’m reading: Too many self help books? Is that possible? There are some other types of books in the lineup too, no worries. The list goes as such: The Giver, The Gifts of Imperfection, Love Wins, and Becoming Myself. I’ll elaborate on them more later but they are all hitting me in the right way, which has been rare for me to find a good book like that lately. (When typing this paragraph I misspelled imperfection and it just really cracked me up.)

I’m eating: SQUASH! No, really we just harvested our first squash from our little front yard garden. We keep saying we don’t know why we are so shocked that it produced an edible thing since that was the point. BUT it grew something we could eat for dinner! Our front yard is now our produce section. It was delectable. I want to dedicate a whole post just to that, we took a lot cheesy pictures like it was the day Leona was born or something. No shame here.

I’m loving:  So many things.  Leona is just exploding with personality these days, she’s currently in love the evil gnome Will carved in the his pumpkin. She’s asking to kiss it all throughout the day. The fall weather in the country is pure joy and the rainstorms we’ve been having soothe even the most worried of minds. I’m also loving that Will is so happy when working outside. It’s so nice to see him do something that clearly fulfills him out here. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been worried that we would both get out to the country and feel like fish out of water. Also, a little bit random but the fact that I decided not to be shy about something for once and take the plunge and sell Jamberry Nails. It’s totally out of my character and its truly been a lot of fun. Teaching me about stepping out of my comfort zone. And of course Will and Leona all day every day. I am trying not to overuse the word love, but I think its definitely appropriate attached to anything that teaches you something about yourself and brings you peace.

I’m dreaming: About a vacation with my sweetie. A getaway. We haven’t had a full night away together without Miss Leona yet and she’s almost a year and half. As tired as we are from moving and we swore off any vacations, a little escape just the two of us is starting to seem like a necessity. A momma can dream right?

I’m thinking about: Spirituality, religion, mental health, physical health,  family health, its all swirling in my mind. I’m taking a big step for myself that I’m not quite ready to share yet, but its got me thinking pretty deep. Not that OCD doesn’t always have me thinking in circles, but I like the direction of my thoughts a little more this week, I did some things to clear some space in my mind that had been filled with negativity and its opened up a lot of new confidence.

I’m watching: SO MANY GOOD THINGS. It’s that time of the year when all of my favorite shows come back at the same time. Will and I have been playing the delayed gratification day and binge watching them all in a row on the weekends. It’s been great. Parenthood (best season yet, non-stop tears) Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, and our guilty pleasure Revenge. Oh my gosh Revenge… I shouldn’t say we’re watching it because that show is so intense that we are letting as many Sunday’s go by so we can have an arsenal of them to watch and not feel like a cliff hanger every week.

Whew. That was fun!
Mama Chels





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