Tomorrow holds a birthday…

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For me :)

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Fingers crossed it may be one for this little gal in my belly too. 

How do you feel about birthdays? I know some people struggle with them, but I am proud to say I'm not one of them. Each year I am grateful to have another day to celebrate and honestly I use them as a day to take a little mental inventory of where I've been and where I am now. 

This year was a big one, I experienced bunches of joy, many tough situations, and truly a lot of growth as a person. I am thrilled with how far I've come. Marriage, travel, family drama, pregnancy, loss of friends, loss of our home, lots of laughing with my husband, lots of throwing up, quite a few mental roadblocks, and lots of love. Just to name a few. 

Now, I'm just ready to keep on moving forward, but keeping my eyes and heart in the present because it pretty and filled with joy despite any of the tough stuff we are going through. I mean, I could have a baby girl at any moment. What's better than that? 

So thank you to everyone who has stuck around with me, I can't wait to make more memories with you all! 



P.S. I'm 26. Do you consider that mid or late 20's? Husband and I have been debating :)

P.P.S. My husband is basically the greatest thing ever created, honestly all I want for my birthday is to hang out with him :) Thanks Will, for being the best. 

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