Summer, Eh. (Part 1)

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Truth I’m not a big summer fan. I have read hoards of blogs about people ready for the bright sunshine and swimming and all of that jazz and I just do not want it. For a few reasons:

  1. We live in Texas. Aka. The surface of the sun. Summer is absolutely brutal. You can only take off so many clothes. And on the surface of the sun, you want to take off as many as possible.
  2. Enter big issue dos. I am way far away from the weight I wish I was and simply enjoy wearing clothes that cover up, the opposite of a good summer wardrobe.
  3.  Well, there isn’t really a 3rd. The above just about sum it up. Unless you consider the vibe, I just really don’t get pumped about the summer vibe, I’m on board with all of the other seasons, but summer and I just aren’t feelin each other.

So what is this cranky summer girl to do? She needs to stop her whining for one, that’s for sure.

I, Chelsea, promise to make the best out of this summer. And to stop carrying around all of these extra pounds. I have enough friends thank you very much. 40lbs you need to go be friends with someone else.

In honor of the afformentioned pledge, here are some things that I think will really pump me up for this summer. Let the money spending commence. (sorry darling husband

  1. This bathing suit has amazing reviews for the curvy girls.
  2. These sunglasses.
  3. Really awesome sunscreen by my favorite John Masters Organics.
  4. Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes.  So many shoes.
  5. This cover up.

And guys, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because there aren’t any icebergs in Texas. Only a lot of hot that melts them. Next up, a list of things to quench your thirst after carrying around an almost walking tot in the burning heat. It’s going to be a magical list y’all.

xoxo,                                                                                                                  A literally hot mama


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