Hello Sweetheart #1

May 29, 2013 , In: Family , With: No Comments


Leona, Oh darling, if you could only feel how these photos make my heart swell with pride and ache at the same time for I know you will never be this tiny again. You were 2 and half weeks old here and the sweetest little piece of love, such a patient little subject allowing your parents to dress you up to try and capture you wiggly newborn body so we can all sit and reminisce and bask in our adoration of you. I still have hard time believing that we created something so perfect, but alas, here you are. I love every bit of you; your thick locks of hair, your tiny fits, your chubby cheeks, the sweet smell of you soft skin and milk breath, your long fingers and toes, your pretty eyes from your daddy, every gummy smile, and honestly every single inch of you. Baby you’re wonderful and I’m so lucky to be your momma. xoxo



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