To the point.


Sometimes I forget I have this little space to document little tidbits, or I think they are big things that I won’t forget, but I’m learning quickly that when having a baby so many big things happen that you can’t keep it all fresh in your mind.  So the point is…

Leona loves to point. I’m not sure which of us she learned it from hut it’s basically the best ever. She puts her all into it and sometimes whispers “yeah” at what or who she’s pointing at. While I realize later in life pointing is not great, right now we’re eating it up. Because she’s so damn cute. So. Damn. Cute. So cute that, even though I’ve been working during any moment of free awake time I’ve had, I want to go wake her up and snuggle her. I really love being her mom. So sappy but so true.

She’s recently added a big floppy wristed wave into the mix too. What a flirt.DSC_0109

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