Leona Turns 4!

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It may be 2 months since the big day but I can’t not document my sweet pea’s 4th birthday on our blog. This year this girl officially left the baby stage. I know she did at three but man at 4… she feels like my little best friend. My little best friend who sometimes stomps her feet in anger at me, but best friends see past that sort of stuff. I love everything about her big personality, especially that sometimes it scares me. I was always a shy hiding little girl and I’m so happy she is full of courage and confidence. She sings loud and proud, dances with me anytime any place, draws nonstop (fun people with spiky hair!), would live in the water if we let her, and she loves intensely. She loves everyone. She loves people so much that when it’s time to leave she will not hug them because she thinks if she doesn’t say goodbye, we wont have to leave. She scratches backs and still wants to cuddle us every night, we don’t mind a bit and know she will sleep all night in her bed when she is ready. Words that start with “r” are a little difficult for her so she says things like “Do you frenember when we…?” And I don’t want that to end because she’s already writing words and sounding things out and I just want to cling to these last few babyish things she does with all of my might. Im so excited for all of the fun this year has in store for us, but I am working to be diligent to savor each moment with her even in the chaos of taking care of a baby at the same time. I don’t want to look back and realized I wished her to grow up more than I enjoyed her being little.

So without further adieu, here is miss Leona on her 4th birthday celebrations. She obvs is a little octonaut obsessed too.


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