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I had big plans to do a birth announcement post with all of Cliff’s birth photos and newborn ones but the God’s honest truth is that Will unloaded the pictures form the big camera to his computer and there simply hasn’t been a long enough moment where he isn’t working or I’m not drowning in new mom of two life to get them. It will happen, but for now here is what life looked like during his first month. Leona was with us until day 4 when she got to go on a mini vacation to her grandparents for a week. It worked out really well and we got to soak in his sweetness the same way we did with Leona and learn his needs (choking from reflux was very scary!) and I got to rest up a bit. Will took care of me like it was his job and made the transition so smooth. Grateful for him every day. Even if he smiles while I’m pushing babies out without pain meds. He’s excited to be with us and it really makes every day special, no matter how hard the day has been.

Four things I never want to forget about his first month are:

  1. How calm and gentle he is compared to his sister’s newborn stage. He rarely cried unless he was hungry.
  2. The hours of relaxation and cuddles with him and Will. We relaxed and ate good food and watched lots of tiny house shows. He slept on me for hours and hours only opening his eyes to look into mine or at the blinds if I wasn’t near or to tell me he was hungry, but he never demanded, just nudged.
  3. His sweet smell. Seriously, can someone invent a way to bottle your newborns smell?
  4. Laying in bed with him. Especially the first night. I love the confidence I quickly gained back hours into his being earthside because I spent months nervous I wouldn’t know how to care for a tiny baby anymore. Taking care of someone’s life is so empowering and I’m grateful he chose me for the job.

So in no particular order, here is a glimpse at our magical 1st month with Mr.Cliff from the lens of my iPhone.

Baby smelling 24/7.

Earning dad and husband of the year titles and making my heart flutter with all the feels.


Perfect sleep smiles. He does this often and I never want to forget it.

I still hold Leona’s fingers like this while she sleeps. Cliff’s are just as perfect and I hope he lets me hold them like this for years to come. Also, they both inherited my long digits, see above toe picture.

Day 1 and already looking out the window. Hopeful he inherited our gypsy ways and is happy to explore the world with us.

Gi Gi and Bear getting acquainted with their new grandson.

Not even 24 hours old. I knew he was an old sweet soul right when he looked at me this way.

Cliff with all of his glorious rolls.

At a little over two weeks old here and we headed out as a family to the grand opening fo the new Austin Area Birthing Center. Leona had so much fun and it was the day I realized my fear of outings with two kids was unwarranted.

Loves bathtime so much, reminds me how special little things are. Treat yourself y’all.

Our first meetup with the our birthing center group was lovely. We tried to line up 6 newborns for a nice picture. Silly mamas thinking that babies take photo commands. I like the reality that shows in this photo though.

Puppies on baby bums. That is all.

Loves being swaddled just like Leona did. This was her swaddle and I teared up when I wrapped him in it.

First cloth diaper try on :) He actually loves them but at this age highly disliked his manhood getting cold during diaper changes.

Good friends coming over for baby snuggles was amazing!

The closest I got to putting him down during the first weeks.

Father and son cuddles. I shed a lot of happy tears taking this pic.

His little personality started showing early on, his smile is so jolly, just like his rolls!

I managed to have a baking session with Leona one afternoon and felt so relieved that out relationship hadn’t changed . I love this girl so much! sass and all!

Banks and Cliff above and Fox and Cliff below. Gratitude is pouring from me for these amazing friends we’ve made from our centering group. I will love making these boys recreate these pics when they are 18 .

Cliff and his admirers :) Theresa and Adam came all the way from Houston to snuggle him at just 4 days old. And Geeta came and spoiled us all rotten . Fun fact, Leona was the first infant she ever held.

I am still in shock that these beautiful people are all mine. Lucky isn’t a grand enough wors to describe my life.


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