3rd Trimester Update

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imageI’m officially in the 3rd trimester with baby Cliff!

The stats at 29 weeks are…

Weight Gain: Was 19lbs, but just weighed again and that was off, so 16lbs.

Swelling: A lot! Wedding rings are officially on my necklace and I’m living in my Birkenstocks since you can adjust the buckles. Classy.

Stretch marks: My previous ones have little red dots at the ends where they are stretching more. Genetics. Meh.

Energy: Erratic. I am mentally awake constantly but physically exhausted. I would stay up all night I’m sure if I wasn’t prescribed unisom for controlling the vomiting.

Mood: SWINGING. I had to turn my phone off yesterday because I’m so up and down that I figured I might start a fight with someone accidentally if I talked to anyone while I was going through something stressful.

Cravings: Banana pudding. Seriously, I think about it a lot. I’m nervous about getting my glucose results back and failing and not being allowed my beloved banana pudding! (Edit:

Toes: Do I still have them? I haven’t seen them in months!

Symptoms: Evil heartburn. SPD. Skin freaking out. Stinging boobs. Nausea as usual. Heart racing. Nails acting weird. I’m a really fun glowing pregnant woman right? Just glowing. Ha! I do cry at random and sweat a lot so that glistening on my face almost looks like a glow.

This pregnancy has been interesting with so many curveballs and stressors I almost don’t know where to begin.

I am happy to say that by 20 weeks my HG became manageable by medication and balancing my thyroid, though I have learned the hard way the even missing one dose (which is now a half a unisom) I am in a wicked way with vomiting the next 24 hours. Sorry for puking in the car on our anniversary Will!

Beyond that, the second trimester ended with my SPD going from bad to worse and I somehow sprained my pelvis and potentially tore a ligament and couldn’t walk and I have been all sorts of not pleasant to be around. I was in so much pain that they had to check me for pre term labor at the birthing center and then sent to me to the urgent care who said they couldn’t help me (and were very unsupportive of my choice to have prenatal care with a birthing center, jerks.)and then sent me to the ER. I loathe being in hospitals (OCD tries to tell me lots of scary things about touching anything in them, yay fun!) but this experience turned out wonderful and I swear that the nurses were guardian angels because not only were they immediately supportive of me being a birthing center patient but one had experienced exactly what I was experiencing and she does natural births at the hospital and they love good design and we’re Instagram friends now. Silver linings are everywhere y’all.

I also found out I failed the 1 HR while typing this post last week and just now found out I passed my 3hr test. THANK GOODNESS.  I haven’t been able to write a damn thing until now. I LITERALLY hit the wall in anger (mood swings!) upon finding out I failed because… enough drama has already taken place in this pregnancy. I am done. Anyone else?

Good vibes in the form of funny message and cake are requested to get me through the next 10 weeks. LOVE YALL.


Very Pregnant Chelsea


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