Rainbows, butterflies, & prenatal anxiety

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I’ve happily been noticing a trend in people opening up about their anxiety disorders and some (gasp) even admitting to it while pregnant. You know, pregnancy, that time when you become a host and a tiny alien tries to suck the life out of you and completely throws your body chemistry and functions into a loop and your hormones go wild? How absurd to think that may trigger or worsen anxiety and depression, right? You should be BEAMING with happiness all day as your body tries to give out on you and not have any real emotions except happiness, if you do, you’re a terrible mom. Bleh. Over it. Can you tell?


I have firsthand experienced the shock from people when I tell them pregnancy hasn’t magically cured me, in fact it’s worsened my OCD and anxiety and lead me into some real lowdown moments of depression. Feeling like you have to keep that a secret because you are “supposed” to be all rainbows and butterflies when pregnant only worsens the situation.

Personally,  I’m not standing for that anymore. I am a high functioning positive creative person and I get sad and stressed. BUT I do something about it. I go to therapy. I practice mindfulness. I give myself a break (and a cupcake!). It’s amazing what happens when you start treating yourself the way you treat other people.


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You know what you learn in therapy? EVERYONE at some point in their life struggles with things like this. Our bodies are complex and made up of all sorts of reactions and hormones and then life happens and throws these things off balance and ITS OK. It’s ok that we need a little help getting back up. If everyone is going through things like this, why oh why are we keeping it to ourselves and shaming each other?

So fellow mamas (and humans of all kinds) you’re not alone. I’m here with you, so at least know that 1 other person, is in your boat and I’m willing to help row. If we all start speaking up maybe we can even afford a motor and do cool fun things like on lakes and then start a jet ski club and then grow wings and do fun things all of the time instead of hiding and being sad.

Here are some helpful tools and links I’ve found:

Prenatal Anxiety Story and Tips from

What to Expect / Depression During Pregnancy

Stop Demanding Pregnant Women Be Happy

What I Didn’t Expect When I Was Expecting (HG mama’s you will relate to this one big time)


I plan to add to this list here on this post every time I find another article or tip!


P.S. Always look for the silver lining. My journey through an anxiety disorder has led me to pursue a career as therapist. I’m nervous about the process but filled with so much light and happiness about where I’m headed. It’s been really wonderful too look back at my life experiences and see how they have unlocked my true self.

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