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May 16, 2016 , In: Travel , With: No Comments

Raise your hand if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

You cannot see me but imagine me raising my arms and waving them around like one of the inflatable people balloons at a car dealership. I woke up GRUMPY.

After a few hours of allowing myself to somewhat “function” in this grumpy state, I made the decision to snap the heck out of it. You know, the whole, you choose to be happy or not thing that everyone tells you to do? Well, it works a bit!


After getting some work tasks done, apologizing to Will for my sass and complaining, and then eating something I drove myself to a pretty pen store and bought myself a new notebook, the fancy leuchtturm 1917 variety, and THEN took myself to Anthropologie to spend a gift card I got for my birthday (Thanks Adam and Theresa!) and enjoy the nice smells of anthro, and then treated myself to listening to a podcast (The Birth Hour) in the car on the way to my current spot, a Starbucks.



I’m now soaking in a hour of alone time before scooping up my little lady from her grandparents house and I feel so good. I was like a dragon this morning and now I’m like a fairy, a big pregnant waddling fairy, but a fairy none the less.

If you’re having a bad day, listen to all of the annoying advice from other people and just stop it and do something that makes you happy. In my case, that means changing the scene, spending some money, and blocking out the negative things, not just sitting and moping with them. Also, apologize to anyone you showered your grumpy attitude on, they didn’t deserve your crap. I love you Will, you’re a saint!







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