Happy 3rd Birthday Leona!

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Your mother is sorry she totally dropped the ball on all of the fancy photos that we had last year. I so wish we had a group shot and photos with all of our lovely friends family members who came. Blame it on pregnant traveling for days throw together the princess dino party the night before and for us just loving on you the whole time. Hope these will be enough for you to show off when you’re older. The party was tons of fun and you were the cutest 3 year old and you showed the piñata who was boss and rocked your dinoparty hat so hard. It was a pure delight to see you with your little friends and to see your eyes light up when you realized the whole party was for you. You’re the tops lady love. The absolute tops.



P.S. Thank you everyone who came and helped and showered our Leona with love. We are eternally grateful for you and really felt the love!

And especially you Will. You win dad of the year for helping so much and making dinosaur wands and treats and party hats. Seriously, we’re too lucky to have you.

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