It’s a…


I cannot even believe it . I wondered if I should post the photo of his goods but then thought, I can’t already be that mom. Poor kid. Haha 
Look at his cute little face! It is CRAZY to me that you can see what someone looks like inside of the womb. That’s some next level sci-fi business there. And this boy, well, he looks like his daddy.  The best picture of will turned that direction happens to also have me and a kangaroo in it.  Because, we live that Swain life yo. 

So boy mom’s, what do you do? 

I only know being a little girl mom and I didn’t expect to be this nervous! I’m not a big team sports fan, athletics totally awesome, but I have seen firsthand some negative stuff with kids being pushed into team sports and the culture freaks me out a bit. I don’t want to push him totally away from that stuff and I’m sure some of my family is shaking their head at me right now but it’s genuinely how I feel. So for now, I just know I don’t want to put him in onesies that say “lil slugger” and stuff straight out of the womb because, he’s a baby. Give him some room to decide if he’s a lil slugger or a lil soccer player (Pretty much the only sport I’d be on board with except for Aussie rules football.) I mean, maybe he wants to be a lil dancer,  lil artist,  lil musician, lil astronaut, or a lil yogi, whatever he wants! 

One of the many joyous things about being married to Will is that he’s not sports obsessed. I’ve never lost him to the television for days watching sports and we don’t lose any money on fantasy football and the like. Instead we go outside and actually do things. Am I pissing off my sports fanatic friends yet? Sorry! Still love you :) You all know this about me anyways so I don’t know why I’m apologizing. 

Must. Stop. Apologizing.

Happy Tuesday from your resident rambling pregnant blogger!


Mama Chels

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