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Potty fun, trampolines, and Elvis. 

April 11, 2016 , In: Baby, Leona, Motherhood , With: No Comments

BIG news. Our little miss is using the potty like a champ right in time for her 3rd birthday. I love how mom awesome it feels to publish this news to the Internet. As much as I’d like to take all of the credit here, we have putting her in a school part time to thank. Want your kids to use the potty? Put them in a room with 8 other kids who do and they won’t want to be the only one not doing it. This may not work for everyone but I’m so damn thankful it did for us because now that I’m not vomiting all day, I’m waddling and toilet training at this moment would suuuuuuck.

 Some parents reward their children with candy and stickers for their potty success but my mom had the brilliant idea of showing her videos of kids jumping around like animals at an indoor trampoline park and told her that was the reward. Tell a wild child she can be wild and she will take your challenge on. Today she cashed in and it was magic. I was bummed because I didn’t get to jump since apparently jumping around like an animal is frowned upon while growing a human in your body. I soaked in the joy from Leona though and her running to hug will and I in between jumping and say thank you because she was so happy. We felt like parental winners today, even when she cried for 30 min when we had to leave. Will said that means you know you she loved it haha WIN.

She also was able to indulge in 4 consecutive listens to An American Trilogy by Elvis and I wised up on round 4 and caught a bit of her sleepy performance.


Glory glory hallelujah! Our kid uses the potty!


Mama Chels

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