Easter weekend!

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We had a really nice holiday weekend. 

Kicked it off Friday with one of my closest friends, Ashleigh, coming to town to try on wedding dresses and dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant (Heyo El Tiempo!) 

Then Saturday we attended one of my oldest friend’s weddings. It was beautiful and emotional and I’m glad I went and pushed through some emotions that were  trying to keep me from going. It also felt great to take the day and get my huge pregnant self dressed up too. Had my first experience getting a blow out at the blow dry bar and now wish someone would do my hair everyday. How does one have the time to perfect a hairstyle every day? I’m just terrible at it! My hair takes like 30 min to blow dry all the way so that rarely happens, because, life.

 That night the sickness creeped back in so I passed out very early and gratefully felt OK when I woke up on Easter morning to enjoy Leona’s squeals that the Easter bunny had indeed eaten his carrots we left for him and left her treats! Then bear showed up with more treats! Though allowing her to indulge in those treats in the morning because it was a special day will go down in history as one of the worst parenting decisions we’ve made because she had 3 meltdowns when we were out at breakfast from a sugar crash. Holy. Moly.

 We made up for the meltdown morning with bubbles at memorial park and running free,  an afternoon bath, dying Easter eggs, cuddles, and then a trip to G and Grandads  for a fun night with more Easter fun while we snuck off to a movie. Nothing says Easter like seeing a horror movie. 10 Cloverfield Ln. was so well done by the way. Go see it! 

Grateful for such a happy weekend! Hope yours was just as lovely. 

P.S. For the sake of honesty, I must also admit that I had an anxiety episode this weekend that tried to bring down every happy moment we had. I’m still in it and fearing another something about my health as usual but striving to enjoy the now and not let it defeat me. Fellow friends with anxiety disorders or specially OCD like me… You’re not alone :) 

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