16 weeks.


Is probably how long it’s been since I posted. Ha! And the current status of my pregnancy! Forming a complete thought in the midst of pregnancy sickness has been challenging at best. I’m proud to say today though, I feel a little like myself and see a glimmer of hope and happiness. What better way to commemorate this than to write about it.

House of Swain is growing from 3 occupants to 4! Leona is regularly exclaiming “I’m a big sister!”. We are not sure she fully grasps what that means yet but we’re grateful for the little bit of excitement she has about it. She also tells everyone the baby is a girl but she wants it to be a brother. We’re on the fence about finding out the gender but will be funny to see if she is right or get what she wants. A good lesson in how the world works for her at least. Right?

Any second time mamas have advice on how to handle this transition for her? Is it better for her to know the gender? Does it really matter? Total multiple child newbies here.

And for some honesty. This pregnancy is hard. But at least giving me more breaks from nausea and vomiting than I had when I was pregnant with Leona. For that I am grateful. I am 92% sure that I don’t want to do this again though. It’s very hard on my body, as most HG sufferers can relate, and even harder on my mental health. But it is character building and definitely superhero badge worthy so at least that :)

I can’t wait to start sharing adventures again and planning new ones and getting back to sharing my creative projects! (Why does pregnancy try to suck all of the creative ideas out of you? WHY!).

Xoxo everyone! Off to take Leona to her second Easter egg hunt of the day. HA!

Mama Chels


(Pardon the real life mess and awful bathroom lighting. This is about as good as I can do right now haha. Surviving.)


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