House of Swain gets festive! 

December 15, 2015 , In: Family, Live, Love, Motherhood, Real Life, Uncategorized , With: No Comments

It has been brought to my attention that I didn’t explain my name change here. Truth be told I’ve been slowly settling into it after blogging under the Well Nice handle for nearly 7 years. (What?!) As I type that I realize the decision to change was the right one and reason why is even clearer. I’ve changed. When I started blogging I was barely 21. Husband and I had just started dating. We were young and adventurous and barreling towards our dreams. And we still are! But it’s really not all about me anymore, I’m still wellnicechels, but I’m a part of something bigger. And that deserves acknowledgement. So here we are, The House of Swain, reporting to you with our daily happenings  and most likely many random lets totally change our life path adventures, because we do how we do. 

First things first though, despite just moving into our new place and starting over with all new furnitue, we have been getting all sorts of decorated! Happy Christmas yall!


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