Odd Mom Out




Since going on this epic journey to the other side of the world and returning, a lot of has changed. To be more honest, I have changed.

I knew before we embarked on this trip that Will and I have pretty different views and methods of parenting than a lot of our peers but I think in the back of my mind I thought over time and with more experience we would all sort of balance out and be on the same page.

It’s not the case. While I don’t inherently disagree with any of my friends parenting methods and honestly think they are doing an amazing job, it is so strange to see how truly what works for one family doesn’t always work for everyone. The truth is, though we are all in this parenting journey together we are still different people with different personalities and it’s really amazing how we all feel in it together at all! I love that.

Lately though, I have been battling with this sneaky feeling of… not fitting in? I’m not sure even how to describe it. We are exhausted but feel like we are truly living our dreams out and could not be more happy with the little lady we have and how she is blossoming but as a mother, I mostly feel like I’m the black sheep. With the exception of some very close friends who will support us hell or high-water, I have had some pretty negative and judging experiences. Not to mention the very confused glares when talking to most moms at the playground.

I’m curious now as well, is it maybe me projecting my own insecurities about our lifestyle since it has been so out of the norm?

So mama’s, I’m talking to all of you, the ones with strict routines and snacks times and the ones who have gone off the beaten path a bit or those who aren’t quite sure what they think is the right way yet, do you ever feel like the odd mom out? How do you deal with this?  I will be elaborating on this again I think but it’s been swirling in my mind as we are adjusting to life back in the states and I needed to get it out.


Mama Chels

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