Hey donuts, it’s me, Chelsea.

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I feel like I should start this by saying I’ve been on this crazy trying to get in shape journey for the past 6 weeks. I didn’t write about it here because honestly I knew that it would be all over the place since we have been traveling. I’m realizing now that was a huge mistake. I am a part of an amazing accountability group but I haven’t been brave enough to share with everyone I love because, well, being accountable means admitting your failures and I have had plenty of those. So here I am, putting it all out there. I’ve got a lot to love right now and honestly it’s just not fair to everyone else. Ha! Seriously though, it’s become where I do not see myself when I look in the mirror anymore and it’s affecting some future plans and honestly I flat out don’t feel healthy like I should at 28. So welcome to my journey. On this journey I want donuts, a lot of them. Can y’all remind me not to eat them? Pretty please?




P.S. Here are my stats

I’m 5’6 and at 191lbs (yikes!)

I’m doing Insanity (yes, it is absolutely insane)

I have an amazing coach and honest to goodness would have already given up if it wasn’t for her.

I have almost doubled my performance from the first day of workouts to the last and I super need y’all to be like, hey what did you eat today, because that is where I’m slipping up hardcore.

I had a stomach bug last week that luckily (ha) erased some of my food transgressions ;)

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    Yay! Welcome to the journey! :) I’ve been regularly working out since April and I’ve had my share of ups and downs! Why is food so hard??

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    Hahaha its worse when traveling too, I have slipped into the, “I won’t get to have this ——- again for years!” mentality. Hard to balance living in the moment and responsible adult stuff at the same time ;) Looking forward to being back in h-town at my fave yoga studio though and easily knowing where to go to get healthy foods.

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