Trying something new is not just for kids.

August 3, 2015 , In: Art, Eat, Gratitude, Leona, Make, Travel , With: 4 Comments

Last Friday night, Will, Leona, and I headed into Chinatown for our Friday night tradition. I can’t believe we only have a few more Friday’s of this. This night was a bit out of the norm though. Little lady had decided that napping was for the birds and somehow two steps before the door to a delish restaurant, she conked out the in the pram. We walked in and they of course immediately wanted us to go upstairs. “No no no no no.” I said and Im sure the hostess thought I had a speech impediment of some sort or that I wasn’t all there. Moms, please tell me you have had this feeling. It’s that feeling of, oh my gosh, I am going to eat dinner and have a real conversation tonight. It’s like walking on clouds. Don’t get me wrong I love dining with my angel of a two year old (contradictory words, I know) but I even more love watching her peacefully sleep while I enjoy the best dumplings of my life. I feel like a winner because she’s is happily snoozing and I still have a voice after a long Friday. It all added up for us last Friday night. They sat us in a big round table booth, she slept through dinner and we ate dumplings and dragon bread and cashew chicken and honey chicken and just went for all of the good food because the nights are few and far between where you don’t have to inhale your food to get out before the restaurant owner chases you out to protect the other diners ear drums from high frequency toddler screaming.

Long story short, after dinner, I felt really blissed out and decided to try my hand with my daughters new watercolors. I’ve never actually painted a full piece with watercolor and I had a blast. Reminded me that just because I have a few things I know I am good at, it doesn’t mean that I can’t pick up something new!

What new things have you tried lately?


    • Ruth
    • August 3, 2015

    You had me at dumplings and sleeping toddler! Sounds like bliss!!

    • Reply

      It really was! Especially since it was such a surprise. My child never sleeps in public haha

    • Cara
    • August 3, 2015

    Cute story – I can totally relate. Having a 2 year old and watching her discover arts and crafts has definitely inspired my own creativity.

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      It really feels like magic. It also reminds you that if a toddler can do it, what’s stopping us you know? I’m really looking forward to lots more art projects.

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