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*Disclaimer: Mom, I know you will not like this but nothing is permanent ok? Maybe you can

I have been having this recurring thought lately that there is this weird new me that has been around. I know this all sounds very deep and very existential but its really simple. Motherhood and all of the events that led up to it seems to have pushed pause on my fun button. I think it really was happening before I fell pregnant, before the HG set in. When the OCD started dominating my thoughts is probably the main factor. Really though, I think all people go through this. Especially moms. This weird feeling of I’m an adult and this is how adults act so adios old things I used to do and get joy from. It’s not even that we are consciously choosing to change, it just seeps in. Slowly.

Well. I’m tired of it. I miss the giggling and daring part of me. I know she is still there and I think my husband and daughter deserve to have her back. You guys, the people in your life don’t expect you to have it all together in a package the same as everyone else. They want you. If you are feeling the least bit like an imposter in your own skin then I can guarantee the people around you are feeling it too.

So I have chosen the road of entrepreneurship, writing, and creating. And you know what? I want to show that on the outside like I used to. No matter how much weight I’ve gained (and am diligently  losing, holla!) or what “normal” moms look like. So first things first, I’m going to have some fun with my hair again. Did you guys know I once was put in in school suspension for dying my hair magenta?  This shy well behaved gal sure was! But guess what? I’m 28 and can dye my hair magenta any day I want to now.

So without further adieu, here are the many wild things I’m considering.



Would you dye your hair something fun as an adult?

After putting to gather this collage I can say I am totally going to do this, I super amped!



    • lindsey
    • August 7, 2015

    yes! I totally get this too- Initially I was like “oh Imma be a SAHM I can dye my hair BLUE!” and then.. I didn’t. but that’s because I cling to blonde for my identity. THAT BEING SAID if you wait til you get back to the states, let’s do it together! I want some pop of color on the tips or streaked through my hair!

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