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I am a total office supply junkie. I am pretty sure I’ve been this way since birth because I can remember every summer before school summer just daydreaming about school supply shopping day.

Case in point, I have acquired (and use daily) all of these lovely pieces from Kikki. K in the 4 short months we have been in Australia. This is my daily planner, my business idea and organizer book, and my food log and amazing non-smudging pens. I literally live by these on the day. In fact I write in these then transfer to my digital apps, but writing things down is absolutely key for me.

Why oh why do we not have this glorious shop in Texas? They did just launch international shipping, so y’all check it out. Also, this is not a sponsored post in anyway. I was just looking at my amazingly well designed goods and thought, people need to know about this! kikkik


Are you a supply junkie like me? I really think a well designed set of organization goods will make you use them and in turn make your life as pretty as the books your use to plan it!

Happy writing y’all!




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