Kiss Me Under the Oak Tree

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The weekend after Christmas we headed up to our favorite little hill country town to celebrate my Grandpa and Step-Grandma’s 70th birthday and belated Christmas. You see this year they both got to be 70 together on 1 day. They cut it pretty close in the birthday department and it was such a delight to get to be a part of their big celebration. They joked that it was a pre-funeral celebration….to see who would turn up; I didn’t find it all that funny, but I do see the humor and thank goodness they are nowhere near that point. We super love these two! And damn, they throw a good party! This one included balloons for safe dance, gloves, and a doo-wop accapella group to boot!
Here is a snippet of the action, and my sweet Leo dancing with her Great Opa.

Doo-Wop Dance Party from chelsea Stanley on Vimeo.

At my grandpa and grandma’s 70th birthday celebration my little Leona was able to share the first dance of the night with her Great Opa to some sweet Doo-Wop. One of those melt your heart moments.


My grandpa was so kind and put us in a really sweet bed and breakfast in town. This year Courtney, my step-grandmother, had her family it town too. We loved getting to see them but this year we decided to all split into our little original units for a few hours and spend some quality time. My grandpa came over and we all went and had a nice lunch, hit the antique stores and craft shops and wineries, and he told us stories of his youth and the history of buildings all over town. I generally feel like I was born in the wrong time period. I should have been born in the 40’s with my grandpa (weird?). His stories make me ache for memories that aren’t even mine. They are a treat.

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As we were walking down the mainstreet, I pointed out a beautiful big oak tree I always admire when we’re in town. My papa said “Oh yes, that’s where I had my first kiss!” Apparently in middle school the girls had caught on to the idea that the boys were after them, and with that desire in mind they realized they could get the boys to do whatever they wanted. So they created a girls only club and made rules the boys had to follow to become a part of the club. These rules were based on things they had seen in movies. The boys had to choose a gal, walk to her house, pick her up and walk her to the movie theatre, which were all very close to each other. They then had to, gasp, pay AND hold her hand throughout the film. At some point they had to kiss her as well and then walk her home.

My papa said his hand was sweating the entire time in that theatre. He knew he was going to have to kiss her. As they left the theatre he tried to plot his kiss and as they neared her house he kept walking. He said his aunts and some of the other boys from class were driving by and yelling at them from their cars, small town living you know. As they neared the corner of the street he finally got the courage up and stopped under that big grand oak tree and planted his first kiss. A moment he will never forget :) He said, shortly after on their walk home, they kissed again and then they heard the voice of a sweet little girl calling his dates name (which is escaping me right now). Her mom had sent her little sister out to call her in!

For his 71st birthday my mom and I decided he was in need of another kiss under that oak tree.11768298694_f58d1590da_oLove you Papa! Thank you for all of the wonderful stories!

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