Christmas as three in 2013

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Was the best. Best. BEST. Even though Leona was only 8 months old on Christmas morning, she was still absolutely enchanted. It’s another one of those things you imagine over and over before the baby is born. Will and I have a lot of Christmas spirit. I love giving, be it gifts, smiles, treats, a helping hand, I love it. I spend the whole year preparing for Christmas and planning  (even though I like to give out surprises year round) This year was no different except it was completely magical seeing my daughter brighten people’s day. She loves everyone so much and is so joyous and it spreads like wildfire to everyone around her. Minus that meltdown after there were no naps for the whole day that is. That part may have not been as joyous :)
I want to thank everyone as well for all of the help and love and food and gifts and hugs. We could not ask for better people to share our holidays with. We’re lucky and so is Leona to have you in our lives. Looking back at these photos made my heart ache in the best way. Christmas 2013 you were spectacular.

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